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BIG WHEEL is one of the pioneer of Virtual Office in Johor Bahru. This virtual office concept come into mind through a breakthrough of “I WANT TO BE BOSS”.

We begin our humble office in Mount Austin, Johor. This is a strategic location with 3 major highways within reached. We name this project “BIG WHEEL”. Be an INFLUENCIAL or IMPORTANT person in your journey.

We wanted to be a hub for Entrepreneur & Business Owner in the near future to built your dream with efficient start up costs, equipped with business knowledge and succeed.
Our BIG WHEEL slogan is "A Tablet To Start-Up". A simple tablet to start your business everywhere with BIG WHEEL facilities.

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Encouraging Future Innovation: Youth Entrepreneurship

Youth Entrepreneurs drive Malaysia economy, accounting for the majority of our nation's new job creation and innovations.  Through entrepreneurship, young people, including those with disabilities, learn organizational skills, including time management, leadership development and interpersonal skills, all of which are highly transferable skills sought by employers. 

  • improved academic performance, school attendance; and educational attainment
  • increased problem-solving and decision-making abilities
  • improved interpersonal relationships, teamwork, money management, and public speaking skills
  • job readiness
  • enhanced social psychological development (self-esteem, ego development, self-efficacy), etc.
** F.O.C for Student Start-Up at BIG WHEEL Space
** Free Utlities Usage*


BIG WHEEL are encouraging more people to start-up.  Entrepreneur may start their start-up after working hour.  There is limitation to them.  BIG WHEEL decided to operate 24 hours in order to let entrepreneur has a flexible working hours and able to use office facilities.  Hopefully it would really help them in business development during initial stage. 

*Term & Condition Apply

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BIG WHEEL - A Tablet to Start-Up

Phone: 012-332 2865

  • BIG WHEEL - Virtual Office (HQ)

  •    Address: Plot F43, Lot PTD 183276, Zone F, Mukim Pulai, Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor.
  •    Phone: 012-332 2865

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